Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pied Rant is Back?


In This Post

  • I'm Back?
  • Future Plans for this blog?
  • Foods that teenagers eat.
Alright first of all the question that none of you cared about, why did I stop doing this blog? I never wanted to stop, but I just started to realize that I can't make a post every day. I'm planning on having a few a week this time around and took the time not writing them to think of ideas for it. So, in the end I'm back writing blogs. Not that there wasn't only two people that read them in the first place.

For the few people that ever read this blog, and the fewer that will read it when I post this; what do you think I should have in the blog? I might do one text post and one video post each week? What would you guys think about that? I plan on doing some reviews for sure, and not just be a random news person. I quite honestly don't like the news to much.

Now, I don't want this just to be a short little blog post about nothing so I decided to put something in about the food that teenagers eat. Teenagers eat a ton of things that are straight out weird. I, for example, like to eat waffles with peanut butter and pizza rolls on top. What are some foods you eat? One of the best websites for this type of thing is It's a great site! Check it out!

That's really all I'm going to post today. I'll have more later I hope.

-Black Astral


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