Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Pokesav Request

First of all let me say this. Please do not flame this post with comments about how it is shameful to hack. I will only create Pokemon that have legit stats.

All Event Pokemon (such as Deoxys and Shayman) I WILL NOT create. These are event Pokemon for a reason and are suppose to be rare.

  • I will only make you 6 pokemon a month.
  • You must give me the the *EV and **IV points you want
  • If you do not state a level you wish your Pokemon to be I will assume you want them at level 100.
  • I will post a comment with your code. The code will have your name, A summary of your request, and then your code posted for Diamond and Pearl.
  • If you are request a code for items, I will not give you items to unlock events to get Pokemon such as Darkrai. That item is acquired through an event.
Note: All codes will be created in Pokesav for use with the Action Replay. I do not test the codes. I do not make codes for Pokemon Platinum.

*EV: Effort Value; Each stat can have a total of 255 points. The total EV points a pokemon can have if 510. I will create Pokemon that follow these guidelines.
**IV: Individual Value; Each stat can have a total of 31. Although it is possible to get each stat to 31 IV points it is very unlikely. I will create Pokemon with all stats at 31, but to be fair I suggest only having one or two at 31 and the rest spread out with their stats.


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