Saturday, July 11, 2009

Welcome to Pied Rant!

Welcome to Pied Rant! I'm quite excited to start this blog. I used to do a lot of forum and website design. You might be thinking "If he is a designer why is he using a pre-made template?" Well this is because I do not know how to code. If anyone wishes to make me a template or have me design something and you make it possible by coding it please contact me.

In This Post:
  • The explanation of the name of this blog.
  • Stupid things that happen while texting.
  • Readers Response Question!
  • Finishing Notes

Now to explain the point of this blog. The word pied means "of two or more colors in blotches." It is usually used when referring to colors on animals. In the way I am using it it means random rant. I got the idea for the name from the poem "Pied Beauty" by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

The first thing I wanna write about is the stupid things teens do while texting. Click here for the story. Now, I've walked into a wall texting before, I will admit that, but I gotta ask aren't you usually looking down while you're texting? In any case I can say for sure, I hope this teen doesn't text and drive. She had an something like that happen to her while she was walking and texting I can't imagine what would happen if she was behind the wheel while she texted.

Now that brings me to my first readers response! Now I realize I will probably get no responses for this question, but I wish to ask this anyways. What stupid things have you done while texting? Walk into a wall? Drive into a snowbank? Let me know in a comment below.

I am hoping this will be the shortest blog I ever wright. To finish up I want to ask you, the readers, to do something for me. I want to do a "Questions Of the Week." I need you guys to always ask me questions in a comment or an e-mail (View "Contact Me" below). Once a week I wanna answer seven questions (one for each day of the week) and also have you all answer the same questions. Untill I get enough I will be using what is asked and also the "Random Question" feature on this blog program. Now everyone have a great night and don't forget to follow me! Button in the side bar.

-Black Astral



  1. while texting i have walked into a moving car that was honking at me. i eas so into the text that i didnt hear the car horn and walked right into it while it was driving down the road. It was sad really because i was on the sidewalk when i started the text and i ended up in front of a car. It was terrible haha

  2. and a question to is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in public?

  3. A honking car? I hope it wasn't going fast?

  4. not too fast, no it slowed down alot, just not enough completely in time, it was a barely hit